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George "Buddy" Baumann

Insurance Producer

Buddy serves as a dedicated Producer at BulkLoads Insurance with a passion for serving the hardworking truck drivers of America. With an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service, Buddy aims to fill the gap that has been long-existing in the insurance industry.

Prior to his career in insurance, Buddy spent 14 years pitching in Minor and Major League Baseball. Despite his blue-collar upbringing and small stature, he overcame numerous challenges and achieved his childhood dream through perseverance and hard work. His journey in baseball has given him a deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication required to succeed, qualities he sees mirrored in the lives of truck drivers.

Buddy's dedication to service extends beyond his professional life. He is a devoted family man, living in Fair Grove, MO, with his wife Sarah and three children. Committed to their faith and family values, they are currently working on building their own small farm.

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