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Dalton Maher

Insurance Producer

Dalton is a dedicated Insurance Producer at BulkLoads Insurance, where he has been an integral part of the esteemed BulkLoads team for numerous years. Hailing from a farm in Southeast Kansas, Dalton's profound connection to agriculture has fueled his lifelong passion for the industry.


At BulkLoads, he seamlessly transitioned into the ag trucking sector, further expanding his expertise and honing his proficiency in bulk trucking insurance.

Residing in Marionville, MO alongside his wife, Emily, and their son, Kolson, Dalton finds solace in engaging in activities and nurturing relationships.


He finds great fulfillment in fishing, hunting, and reading, but above all, cherishes quality moments spent with his beloved family. Guided by unwavering faith and deeply rooted family values, Dalton and his family remain steadfast in their commitment to these principles.

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