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Jared Flinn



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Jared serves as Operating Partner for multiple businesses that have progressed in the bulk transportation industry such as BulkLoads, Smart Freight Funding, and now Bulk Insurance Group, LLC. Jared has more than 20 years of experience in agriculture and transportation. 

Jared and his family reside in Ozark, Missouri. He enjoys family time on their farm with his wife Nici and 3 kids. 

Larry Hurt

Chief Executive Officer


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Larry serves as Chief Executive Officer for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC and has an extensive background in transportation and risk management. Larry is dedicated to improving the risk management of clients in the agriculture, transportation, and logistics space in 48 states.

Larry and his family reside in Springfield, Missouri. He spends his free time with his wife Savannah and 2 kids. Larry also enjoys hunting and fishing.

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Christina Tate

Commercial Lines Manager

Christina serves as the Commercial Lines Manager for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC. She has 25+ years of experience in commercial and personal lines insurance and lengthy experience in starting logistics companies. Her insurance experience includes roles such as an underwriter, producer, transportation account manager, agency manager, and claims coordinator.

She has earned her AINS and CISR designations and is actively working on her TRS and TRIP designations. Christina is dedicated to using her experience to facilitate a strong and effective team to handle the insured's needs as efficiently as possible because she knows you only make money if the wheels are turning.


Christina resides in Rogersville, MO with her husband, Adam, and their son. She has four children and one grandchild. She enjoys spending time with her husband on woodworking projects and fishing. When she's not with her family, you can find her creating vinyl decals, sewing/knitting, and baking. 


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Zach Kuder

Insurance Producer


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Zach serves as an Insurance Producer for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC, and has worked with BulkLoads for multiple years. His focus is on improving the customer experience and building a lasting relationship with the transportation community. 

Growing up in trucking, with his father being a truck driver in the bulk industry, Zach has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the logistics world.

Zach and his wife Courtney reside in Ozark, MO along with their dog. He enjoys the Ozarks region and spends his summers out on the lakes in surrounding areas and in the woods for the winter seasons. 

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Sarah Fina

Insurance Producer & Account Manager

Sarah serves as an insurance producer and an account manager for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC, and she has lengthy experience in customer service and management. Her focus is on enhancing customer experience and effectively facilitating knowledge within the insurance and transportation industries.

Sarah has a multi-faceted knowledge base regarding the trucking industry. She grew up with her father being a truck driver and her mother being a sales coordinator for a national trucking and logistics company. Now her in-laws own their own trucking company too.


Sarah and her husband, Steven, and their young daughter reside in Ozark, MO. Their daughter is the first grandchild in the family, so Sarah often enjoys spending free time with her family and in-laws. When not with extended family, Sarah also loves to travel.

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Connie Wickam

Account Manager

Connie Wickam serves as Account Manager and has a background in Commercial Insurance. She has earned her CISR Elite and Certified Insurance Counselor designations and is working towards her Transportation Risk Management and Certified Risk Management designations.  She is dedicated to helping and educating people about risks.

Connie lives with her husband Kelly, their daughter, and their granddaughters in Republic, MO. She enjoys spending time with her family, working on remodeling projects, and building fences with her husband.


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Fred Padilla

Insurance Producer

Fred serves as an Insurance Producer for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC, and has worked with BulkLoads for many years. Fred is fluent in both English and Spanish and uses his expertise to help customers and provide transparency in the industry. Fred is passionate about providing excellent customer service and continuing to build bonds with new and existing customers. 


Fred has always been familiar with the agricultural industry. His rural roots come from growing up on a farm just southwest of St. Louis. He expanded his knowledge into the trucking industry when he started at BulkLoads in 2017.


Fred resides in the Springfield, Missouri, area. He enjoys summer days on the lake and hunting in the fall, as well as spending time with friends and family.


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Alana Loos

Insurance Producer

Alana serves as an insurance producer for Bulk Insurance Group, LLC, and has many years of experience in the risk management industry. With a passion for customer service and a dedication to serving others, Alana's focus is making sure she always exceeds her client's expectations.


With her Dad being a truck driver for 20+ years, Alana is no stranger to the bulk trucking industry. Growing up in the transportation industry has given her the knowledge and skills to provide for clients and educate them on all things insurance.

Alana resides in Springfield, Missouri. With 3 National Qualifier titles under her belt, she continues to practice gymnastics in her free time, but if you ask her, she'll tell you that she "retired" from the sport. Alana loves the lake life and spending time with her friends and family.


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