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Bulk Insurance Group Launches Farm/Agribusiness Program

Springfield, MO - Bulk Insurance Group, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Farm/Agribusiness program. This groundbreaking initiative has been meticulously designed to provide comprehensive insurance solutions precisely tailored to the specific needs of truck drivers and farmers operating within the bulk freight industry.

Comprehensive Coverage for the Agriculture Industry

Bulk Insurance Group's Farm/Agribusiness program offers a wide array of insurance options, including coverage for essential aspects such as agricultural equipment, livestock, cargo, and liability. Whether you're a truck driver responsible for transporting bulk commodities or a farmer seeking comprehensive coverage, Bulk Insurance Group is prepared to assist with a team of industry experts who can provide unwavering support across all facets.

Larry Hurt, CEO of Bulk Insurance Group, emphasized the importance of this pioneering initiative, stating, "This program underscores our core values. Our primary mission is to cater to every facet of the bulk freight industry. With a dedicated team of specialists who possess a deep understanding of both the trucking and farming sectors, we are exceptionally well-equipped to deliver insurance solutions and expert guidance to our valued customers."

Jared Flinn, Co-Founder of, added, "Our original goal remains unchanged. We have a commitment to serving the needs of truckers and farmers, addressing their pain points, and offering unparalleled industry expertise. At the heart of it all, we are people serving people, and we remain dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and unrivaled industry insights."

Industry Veteran Jeff Vale to Lead Farming Initiatives

In an exciting development, Bulk Insurance Group has appointed Jeff Vale, a seasoned veteran in the agriculture insurance sector, to spearhead their efforts within the farming domain. Jeff's extensive experience and profound industry knowledge are set to play a pivotal role in ensuring the delivery of top-notch service to our clientele.

Take advantage of this program:

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