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Bulk Haulers Are Saving Thousands on Their Insurance Premium

Saving BulkLoads Members Over $500k on Their Insurance:

Since BulkLoads started offering trucking insurance in June of 2022, over 160 trucking companies have trusted us to insure their operation. Out of 160 clients, we've saved our members well over $500k on their premiums.

It's simple. Many bulk haulers were insured by agencies that don't:

a. understand trucking

b. understand the bulk industry

c. care 

d. make trucking their primary market

If an agency falls short of any of those options, there's a high chance you're paying more for your insurance than you should, and the service is probably not the best either. When members reach out to us about a quote, unless they're a new venture, the first thing we ask is for their policy. When our bulk trucking experts analyze their current policies, most of the time, they can quickly find ways to save on their premiums. We find a lot of unnecessary coverage that isn't required for bulk freight, double coverages, or they were placed with a market that did not comprehend the nuances of bulk freight.

From a BulkLoads Insurance Client:

"BulkLoads Insurance Saved Me Over $24k on My Annual Premium. If You Haul Bulk Commodities, These Are Your People."

- William Hill

  Billings, MT

The Importance of an Expert Insurance Agent:

Your insurance agent is a crucial partner in your business, and their expertise can significantly impact your bottom line. At BulkLoads Insurance, we pride ourselves on having a team of professionals who are not just insurance experts but specialists in bulk freight. This expertise enables us to guide our clients through the complex and ever-changing insurance landscape, ensuring they receive the most relevant and cost-effective coverage in the simplest way possible.

Your insurance agent can be more vital in your business than you think. Is your current agent an expert in bulk freight? Are you paying for more coverage than you need?


We understand that each of our clients has specific requirements and we are committed to providing personalized service to ensure that their insurance solutions are tailored to meet their individual needs. Our team has extensive experience and expertise in the bulk commodity trucking industry, which allows us to help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing insurance landscape.

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